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OrekeBeau provides a platform for like minded creative talents to come together to exchange, share and bring fusion of ideas that will develop, enhance and promote entrepreneurial skills from start-ups to SMEs.

OrekeBeau looks to invest in budding and creative talents that want to turn their ideas into a profitable business. With a burgeoning population of Youth in Africa, we believe there is huge potential to bring this asset to good use and promote to the world at large.

This is an invaluable resource our company wants to tap into and establish lucrative ventures.

Creativity is diverse and extensive that can help in providing employment, income, contribution to the GDP of a nation and bring fulfilment to individuals when channelled in the right direction - OrekeBeau wants to be an umbrella where such talents can flourish.

At OrekeBeau we are open to all ideas from various resourceful industries where people put their initiative and innovation to the fore with excellent business acumen.

Our target market - the "Youth in Africa" (18 - 30 years old), that dare to be different and move into a realm never paced before to unleash their innate potentials and get their ideas noticed.

Welcome and enjoy the experience.

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Having the opportunity to be a part of the pioneering team to put together a fashion show in London for the African community was a real eye opener of what goes into such an enormous event and make it a success.

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